Brotherly Love

I wish I had a better memory. I wish I had taken more time over the last 11 years to journal all of the wild, wacky and wonderful things that my kids have said and done so I could remember them all forever. But alas, I don’t have a great memory and I didn’t have time, especially early on, to write it all down.

That’s why I cherish the moments I do remember with complete clarity so much more. They must be very meaningful for me to be able to recall them so clearly, right?

One such memory is that of a 3 year old Zachary crying inconsolably about something. We were sitting on the end of the couch and I was trying so hard to calm him down, but to no avail. Then along came Noah. He was just 10 months old. Not walking yet. He got one of Zachary’s toys, crawled over to the couch and reached up his little hand to give the toy to his big brother. That was all it took. Zachary stopped crying.

I recognized in that moment that they had a bond that only they would share. An ability to communicate with one another that only they understood. The beginnings of a friendship that will outlast every other relationship in their lives, for the rest of their lives. As an only child myself, I still can only wonder at this beautiful brotherly love.

Brotherly Love

There have been glimpses, reminders of this love, over the years…

When Noah was learning to talk and not even Michael and I could understand him, Zachary knew what he was saying and would translate it for us.

When Zachary learned to read, he spent countless hours reading to Noah.

When Noah started school, Zachary looked out for him, like any big brother would.

Now Zachary is 11 and Noah is 8 1/2. Summer vacation 2009 just ended. A summer in which they seemed to bicker from son up to son down (that’s not a typo, by the way) and would then plead with me to let them sleep in the same bed night after night. A summer when it became very clear that Noah thinks Zachary hung the moon.

Now school has started and the bickering has lessened since they have more time apart. This week, I was reminded again of this brotherly love my boys share when Noah was chosen as the star student of the week and had to answer the question, “Who is a person you admire?” His answer, “My brother, Zachary.”

I know. The teen years lie ahead. They’ll likely bloody each other’s noses once or twice before that’s over, I suppose, but I know that the foundation is there for them to be more than brothers as they grow up, get married and start their own families. They will be friends. They will have each other’s backs. They will love each other. Forever.

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3 thoughts on “Brotherly Love

  1. ShaunellsHair

    What sweet memories!! These are the things that you will not remember later if you don’t record them. I am going to follow your example and try and do the same with my kids.! Thanks!!!


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