First the chaos, then the bliss

When last I wrote about the kitchen, we had just picked out all of the design details with cameramen in tow. Some of that footage was made into a video montage of our trip. Shortly after that post, Merillat began a blog of their own called Merillat Round Table. They began posting about our kitchen and linking to my blog. Since they were a few weeks behind “real time,” on their blog, I didn’t want to get too far ahead and post spoilers so I have held off on more posts. (I should note that they didn’t ask me to, I just did it.)

We spent the days before emptying the cupboards and shifting the other rooms in the house around so we could set up a makeshift kitchen in the dining room. Of course, there was the obligatory trip to Costco for massive amounts of paper plates, bowls, plastic cups and utensils.

As the school bus pulled away with our three oldest children on board the morning of September 9, Brian Smith of Brian Smith Construction Company, LLC, and his crew pulled in to begin the demolition. 100_1221

We didn’t see much of the demolition because of the plastic they put up to contain the dust, but fortunately for us, the cameras were rolling, so we got to see it after the fact. Demolition day did bring some surprises–two significant roof leaks were found when the ceiling was torn out and there was no insulation–none–in the exterior walls! They say it’s likely our entire house is that way. Brian and team fixed the roof and added insulation. They also found newspaper from 1974 stuffed in the gaps around the window, so it’s likely that is when the kitchen was last remodeled.

For me, the hardest decision was picking the paint color. I’m not very adventurous with paint, but thought I’d give it a try. Everything I thought I might like, it turned out I didn’t. The answer ended up coming from a very unlikely source–my friend Diane’s husband, Mike suggested I bring out the taupe in the back splash tile. I sort of dismissed it because I’ve never been a fan of taupe. But, when all else was failing, I took a look at taupe.


I found a Sherwin Williams color called “Mexican Sand” but still wasn’t sure. Our designer, Amy, had also picked up some paint samples and Mexican Sand was among them so that settled it. Turns out, I really like taupe!

Of course, there was some carry over effect and before he knew it, Michael was painting the dining room. You got it–taupe. This time, “Beach House.” He had a little help, too.

100_1241100_1239After the paint, came the flooring in both the kitchen and the dining room and then the cabinets. While we didn’t get to go to Kentucky to watch them being made, the photographers did so we were able to see a video our specific cabinets being built. We also taped a message to them that was played for them before they started work on our kitchen. The “check” said they’d be stunning and they are! 100_1341

Once the cabinets were in, I got to work! I couldn’t even wait for the countertop before I started filling them up. 100_1256100_1266My friend, Elizabeth came over and helped me which made it even more fun!

After we put everything away, it didn’t take long to see that some things would have to be moved. Sarah quickly found the cookie decorating sugar and sprinkles–and figured out how to open them! 100_1281She thought it was a blast to stack them up and then shake sugar all over the floor! That stuff is now up very high.

The next step was the installation of the appliances and new countertop. By this time, we were so happy to have the dishwasher hooked up. Cutting your meat and eating with plastic utensils gets old quickly. It was so nice to be able to start dirtying dishes again!

The final touch was the backsplash. It might be my favorite detail, although I wasn’t sure about the mosaic tiles behind the sink at first.100_1356

So that was the chaos. Stay tuned for the bliss.

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3 thoughts on “First the chaos, then the bliss

  1. Holly

    HOW cute are your kids? I’m SOOOOOO excited to see the “final” product! It’s been such an exciting “adventure” for me, I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s been like for you! But I also cannot think of a family who is more deserving of such an amazing gift! :)

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  3. Amy Post author

    Glad it was fun for you, too. You sound like Leah…she said the other day, “The next time we win a kitchen contest, maybe we should put the sink over here (in the corner)!” Don’t know if there’s another kitchen in my future, but you’ve seen my bathroom, so I’ll call ya when we get to that project!


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