This doesn’t bode well…

Every parent looks forward to that first coo, then the first word, the first phrase, the first sentence, the first conversation from their babies.

sarah croppedI can’t say that I really remember the first conversation from my first three children, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget Sarah’s. It was an argument.

We were with my friend Deanna and her 2 year old son, Nathan. Deanna and I are Girl Scout Leaders together and had taken a trip to Detroit to go to the Girl Scout Shop. The toddlers were in their seats directly behind their respective moms.

On the way home, Sarah called me mom. Nathan took exception to that. Pointing to his mother and declaring her to be “mom.” To which Sarah replied, “No, my mom-mom,” while pointing to me.

This went on for the entire hour ride back home. The whole conversation consisted of the words, no, my and mom.

At one point, I happened to look in the rear view mirror just in time to see Sarah lean toward Nathan, wag her finger in his face and repeat, “NO! My mom!”

For quite some time after that day, anytime she would hear me speak of Deanna or Nathan, she would say, “No, my mom-mom.”

I think they’ve both figured out that there can be more than one person named “Mom” and have turned their attention to trying NOT to share toys with each other when they’re together.

So what does all this mean?

Will she be on the debate team? I dunno.

Will I have to bring my A game to every conversation when she’s a teen? Probably.

Is her future husband in trouble. You betcha!

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