Annual Squishing Day

Well, today was the day—the one day a year I both dread and look forward to at the same time. Mammogram day.

Why the dread?

Does it hurt? Yeah, kinda. But only for a few seconds.

Is it humiliating? Yeah, kinda. But hey, after you’ve had kids, what do you really have left to hide?

Why look forward to it?

Three words. Peace. Of. Mind.

So it’s worth standing topless in a cold room with a complete stranger. Having said stranger put “the girls” into a vice, tighten that vice until it can’t be tightened anymore–and then crank it another turn. Having her tell you not to move. As if that is really an option at that point! Contorting the rest of your body to keep it out of the way of the machine.

The last few weeks, it’s been “unpleasant checkup time” in our family. In addition to my mammogram, I also had the other end checked.

Saw the dermatologist, too. That’s a lovely visit. She told me my new moles are “wisdom” moles, i.e., moles you get when you get old!

Hubby also had a colonoscopy. He should really write a post on that. The prep is awful. The nap all day afterwards is awesome!

All this stuff has its downside, but none of it compares to the peace of mind that comes with knowing there aren’t any issues lurking unseen. Or the idea that if something’s there, they’ll find it and deal with it quickly–and most importantly–early.

So, we both have clean bills of health for the foreseeable future. I urge you to bite the bullet and have these important tests done if you’re “of age.” At the very least, you’ll be reassured that all is well.

And, just like the power of love—they might just save your life.!

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