Birthday Dinner

Today is my birthday. We have a tradition in our family. The birthday girl/boy gets to pick what we have for dinner—whatever they want.

Hence, my husband dutifully asked me last night what I wanted for my special meal.

That’s a difficult question for me.

  1. I want something I love and don’t get very often.
  2. But more importantly, I don’t want to have to cook it!

Up until a couple years ago, my mom would make the one meal that she always made when I was growing up that I don’t seem to be able to do justice—pounded steak and fried potatoes. But she’s just not up to cooking a big meal for all of us anymore. I am getting better at fixing it, but my husband wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to make it.

This is my birthday dinner, so while pounded steak and fried potatoes fulfill point number one, they don’t fulfill point number two.

Have to pick something else.

Thin Pancakes.

My granny, and then my mom used to make these for me when I was little. You call them crepes. Served one at a time, slathered with real butter and white sugar. Rolled up and cut into bite sized pieces.

A little heaven on earth!

Because they are very quick to cook, and you can only really make one at a time, it’s almost impossible to fix these for yourself.

It was necessary that my husband learn to make these. If we had signed a pre-nup, that point would have been a line item in the document as justifiable grounds for divorce if he didn’t.

So, several years ago, I asked my mom for the recipe.

Before I share that, I have to tell you that she used to complain about her mother’s “recipes.” Apparently, my granny made THE best chocolate chip cookies ever. When my mom asked for the recipe, she replied, “I just follow the directions on the package, but I change it a little.”

She would also use “handfuls” as a measurement. According to my mom, her mother had the smallest hands on the planet.

You can see how this form of recipe recording would be troublesome to one who was trying to duplicate a much loved family favorite.

And now I give you my mother’s recipe for Thin Pancakes. And I quote:

“About 4 eggs—blended a little bit. About a cup of flour. Shake a little salt in there. Blend—make sure it’s mixed together. Put milk in until it looks about right. Blend. Need a pan that slopes and that is really hot. A little Crisco in the pan between medium high and high.”

Thanks for the recipe, Mom! And thanks for cooking, Michael!

My birthday dinner was delicious!

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