Thankful. So thankful.

Today, I am giving thanks publicly for the teachers who have touched my children’s lives.

Everyone knows parents are the first and most important teachers in the lives of children. I agree. And I can confidently say my husband and I have done well in that role. However, I recognize the incredibly significant contribution their school teachers are making in their lives.

Three of my children are in school–grades 6, 3 and 1. We are blessed to live in a terrific school district. It’s one riddled with financial problems (we live in Michigan–the worst economy in the country right now), but even with cut, after cut, after cut, year after year, after year, the teachers and staff do an amazing job for our children!

Each one of them has done something for my children that stands out as going beyond the call of duty.

One simply directed my son and me to books that would help with confidence and self-esteem.

Another gave my son additional homework assignments because he was bored with the regular assignments.

Another makes each child feel as though they are the most important child in that classroom.

One encouraged extra-curricular programs that played off my son’s strengths while challenging him in areas that were more difficult.

Every one of them, without exception, has fostered in my children a love for learning, creativity and a desire to go to school and do their best.

You may think, “Well, isn’t that their job?” Yes, to a large degree it is. But there is a big difference between a teacher who goes to work, does what is required and collects a paycheck and a teacher who loves the children, loves her (or his) work and brings passion and excitement to every lesson. Those are the kinds of teachers my children have been blessed to have.

And for that, I’m thankful.

Note:I wish that I could name each teacher and the school my children attend in this post to make the praise that much more personal. But, the internet being what it is today, I think it’s in the best interest of my kids to err on the side of caution and leave those details out. Should any of the teachers written about here read this, they will know who they are and that they are appreciated.

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