Stolen Moments

Although I describe myself as a stay-at-home mom, I substitute teach once in awhile. Several blog posts could be written about those adventures, but we’ll save that for another day.

Today, I subbed in the classroom next to my third grade son’s room. Our lunch hours overlapped and we took the opportunity to have lunch together. We sat at a couple student desks in my classroom, eating and talking about our day so far.

Just the two of us. No distractions.noah and me cropped for blog

When we finished we went down to the office and bought some special candy bars that were on sale there. Then back to the classroom to share this little secret treat (secret because the rest of the family wasn’t going to get one, hee-hee).

When it was time for him to go back to class and for me to start teaching again, we hugged and wished each other a good afternoon.

What we talked about wasn’t earth-shattering. In fact, just a few short hours later, I remember very little of our conversation. But I think both of us will remember our stolen moment, when it was:

just the two of us.  No distractions,

for a long time.

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2 thoughts on “Stolen Moments

  1. Kim

    I soooo cherish those moments with my son! Great memory for the both of you even if you don’t remember exactly what you talked about. The memory will be the fact that you spent time together.


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