You’d think we were going to the spa

If there was one thing I hated as a child, it was going to the dentist. His name was Dr. Kennedy. He was old (well, he probably wasn’t but he seemed like it to me). He had shaky hands (so maybe he was old).

It was scary. It was painful.

During my early adult years, I didn’t have dental insurance. A friend’s daughter was going to dental hygienist school and needed guinea pigs patients. That was kind of cool. I got the works! All the work was well supervised by actual dentists and when I found a regular dentist, all the records, x-rays, molds were transferred there. For me, it took away some of the fear that I had.

Fast forward twenty years. I’m taking my children to the dentist. Actually, we go to the same office my husband went to as a kid. His dentist has since retired, but Dr. Joe is there practicing ‘the art of painless dentistry,’ as the sign in his lobby states.

They love it!

Today, my daughter (6 years old) and I went. She got raspberry toothpaste (last time it was chocolate!) and a bubblegum flavored fluoride treatment. She’s so comfortable there, she just leans back and relaxes–as though she’s waiting for her massage rather than her teeth cleaning.

Last time we were there, she asked the hygienist so many questions that she sent her home with little mirrors, a mask, gloves, some extra toothbrushes, etc., so she could “play” dentist.

She's not pretending, she's practicing!

She's not pretending, she's practicing!

Later, when we played, she corrected me and told me she wasn’t playing, she was practicing because she was going to be a dentist someday. I can think of worse careers for her…

(and, please, no comments about my big mouth :) )

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