The Seinfeldian Post

Not tonight dear, I have a headache. And by “dear,” I mean Blog Dare.

You know the drill, one post a day for a year. It was a dare. I have to do it.

Not. in. the. mood.

I have a couple good ideas for posts, but they will require thought, gathering pictures and concentration to write.

Not. in. the. mood.

I’ve said those words to my husband once or twice in the last 17 years. He’s still around and I suppose the Blog Dare will be, too.

But I did see a video today that was adorable, funny, touching and inspiring. I hope dear hubby and I have that much fun when we’ve been married 62 years!

As for the Blog Dare, that will be over by then and since I assume the Jetson’s age will finally be here by then, I won’t even need a blog.  the-jetsons

My thoughts will just be projected up from my head for all to read.


So, have you figured out why this is a ‘Sienfeldian’ post? Because it’s about nothing! :)

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