Worst. mother. ever.

I recently read a post by Pauline Karwowski over at Classy Chaos entitled¬† I can’t make this stuff up. #worstmomoftheyear. In it, she tells the tale of how her beautiful daughter ended up wearing a cheerleading costume to preschool on picture day. I encourage you to read the post, it’s very entertaining, but the short version is–she (Pauline, aka Mommy) forgot it was picture day. gasp!

Never one to be outdone, I have now become the worst. mother. ever., thereby beating Pauline.

You see tonight was, well, chaotic. Michael ran out and picked up Subway and Marco’s for dinner (we can never all agree on one restaurant, it seems). As is our norm on nights like these, we let the kids set their little lap desks up in front of the TV and serve them their dinner in the living room.

He came home, we rushed around the kitchen plating up the subs, pouring drinks and delivering everything to them. Then we sat down in the adjacent dining room to eat our meals. Normally, we would have sat on the sofa to eat, but it was too piled up with folded laundry, so we sat in the other room.

Part way through my meal, Leah, who doesn’t like Subway very much, asked for a second helping of Wheaties Fuel, a new cereal that she apparently liked enough to ask for seconds, which says a lot about this cereal that contains 5 grams of dietary fiber per serving. But I digress.

So, I refilled her bowl. Two trips into the living room. First with the cereal, then with the milk.

Back to my dinner.

A bit later, Leah asked for a third bowl of the cereal. Third trip to living room for cereal refill. While I was there, Noah asked me to bring him the rest of his sub when I came back with the milk. Sure thing!

Fourth trip to living room…milk. check. Noah’s sub. check.

Then I saw Sarah. Dear little 2 year old Sarah. Sitting at her little desk right between Leah and Zachary. Her little empty desk. I FORGOT TO FIX HER ANY DINNER!

worst. mother. EVER.

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5 thoughts on “Worst. mother. ever.

  1. Kim

    Oh no! WOW! I really don’t know what to say. At least she’s young and hopefully won’t remember it until the one day when she’s much, much older and either the other kids tell her or she reads it here. :)

  2. Elizabeth

    ok first of all ,that is so funny and you are not the worst mother ever. I am suprised sarah was just sitting there. Why didn’t anyone else notice.? Were they just so hungry or were they feeding her. Leah had an awful lot of cereal . Maybe she was feeding it to Sarah. Maybe I missed it but where was micheal in all of this? I know I have forgotton to feed someone along this parenthood journey and it’s not the worst thing in the world . They wont starve.!!!

    1. Amy Post author

      She was just sitting there. Happy as a lark. No one was paying her one bit of attention! And no, Leah ate all the cereal. She also had it for breakfast today and dinner tonight. She loves it! (It’s good!) Michael helped get the plates together and the drinks. To his credit, Sarah did have a drink. I was just doing all the up-ping and down-ing during the meal. :)

      What I need to do is forget to feed myself once in awhile! LOL


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