And so it begins–again

I’m 42 years old. I’m ridiculously, pathetically, and embarrassingly out of shape.

Not surprisingly, I’m also overweight. Not ridiculously, pathetically or embarrassingly overweight, but definitely overweight.

I don’t enjoy exercise, I don’t enjoy sports. Never have, never will.

I’ve made attempts over the years to get in shape and to lose weight. Can’t say I’ve ever gotten in shape, but I have lost weight. Trouble is, every time I lost it, I got pregnant again. Other than the pregnancies, I think the main thing holding me back was lack of motivation. I need a buddy to encourage me to get to the gym, someone to cheer me on–and someone for me to cheer on–to victory. I’ve never really had that before.

Now, I do. This is it. This time is different. This time will work.

The ‘baby’ is 2 1/2 years old. Time for the baby weight to go away.

It’s time to take control of my body, my mind, and my mouth. Time to shape up!

I took the first steps today, literally. Two of my friends and I hit the gym at the local YMCA. We put the kids in the childcare center and off we went. I spent 35 minutes on the treadmill.

Didn’t love it. But didn’t hate it either.

And so it begins–again. And for the last time.

We’re going back tomorrow. We can do this. Together. We. Can. Do. This.

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2 thoughts on “And so it begins–again

  1. Erin S.

    I HIGHLY recommend Weight Watchers if you haven’t tried it before. I chose to do it on-line (but I can see how the meetings would be great too). It has worked for me twice in my life – once before I had my son (I lost 32 pounds without exercising hardly at all) and once after I finished breastfeeding him (I now weigh 10 lbs less than I did before I got pregnant – still no gym membership but a fairly active lifestyle – walking places, taking the stairs etc). It just works!!

    1. Amy Post author

      Thanks so much for your comment, Erin! You’re right, Weight Watchers does work. I’ve done it both ways…online and meetings. Been very successful, twice. My friend and I are thinking about joining in April. The combination of working out to get in shape and WW would have to be a winner!


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