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Anissa’s Going Home!

Of all the things I’m thankful for, one of the most important is my faith. Like most people, I’ve had my share of trouble’s in this life. The past year and a half have been rough.¬† My faith in God and trust in his plan is what gets me through this and other difficult times. Now, I’m not going to pretend that I never have a down day, that I never get scared or worried. Of course I do! I’m human.

But, ultimately, my faith gives me hope. I shudder to think where I would be without it.

During a time in my life when things have been difficult, I’m also thankful for the example of faith, patience and perseverance that has been set not only for me, but for the world, by Anissa and Peter Mayhew. I don’t know these people, but I love them and I pray for them continually.

I first heard of Anissa on November 17 when a couple of her friends and my twittermates  (@laughmom and @dbinkowski) tweeted expressing their concern for her.

I’m not going to attempt to tell her story here–the short version is she’s a 30-something wife and mother of three who had a massive stroke. Her story is already being told very eloquently by her husband, Peter at Hope4Peyton.org. It’s through his telling of their story that I have found a renewed faith.

This family has faced so much heartache. My problems pale in comparison. Yours probably do, too.

But through every post that Peter has written his belief

  • that God will see them through this,
  • God is good and
  • we must be patient as God works out his plan is evident.

And inspiring!

I don’t presume to know God’s plan for myself, much less the Mayhew family. But, I can tell you this: people have been introduced to God and shown his power through Anissa and Peter Mayhew. And, other people, like me, who already knew God, have been inspired to trust Him more and to wait patiently for His will to be done.

There was BIG news, HUGE news from Peter today.

Anissa is going home today! After 92 days, Anissa is going home!

I am thankful!

I encourage you to read more about this incredible family. If you’re not moved to tears at least once, well, then…?