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Friday Funnies

I’m dedicating Fridays to things that make me laugh. Might be a joke or a story of something that happened to me, but more than likely, it will be something one of my kids did or said. Afterall, they make me laugh out loud every single day. I hope they bring a smile to your face.

So here’s the first edition–

100_2017When Leah was being potty trained (3 yrs old), she was wearing only undies on her bottom half–you know for easier and quicker access when she “got the feeling.”

She was playing on the floor one day and declared, “I have a hole in my underwear.” To that, I replied, “You can’t possibly have a hole in your underwear, they’re brand new. Let me see!”

Sure enough, the seam had ripped. Surprised, I said, “You do have a hole in your underwear, I wonder how that happened.”

Her reply was swift.

“I think I passed gas.”