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First the chaos, then the bliss: part 2

It’s finished! Our amazing kitchen, compliments of Merillat is complete and we survived with our sanity, marriage and sense of humor still in tact.

Kitchen remodels are often the stuff horror movies are made of–contractors who screw things up, delay after delay, unexpected costs that leave your budget in the dust, not to mention the complete inconvenience of having to be without running water, a dishwasher, stove and more for an extended period of time and the steady stream of professionals coming in and out of the house.

If you’re reading this post hoping to hear the gory tale of our experience,  move along. I have nothing but good things to report.

I attribute the success of this remodel mainly to three factors:

  1. Our designer, Amy Wuest, from KSI Kitchens and Bath. If it weren’t for Amy, I would still be standing in front of the wall of cabinet door designs trying to make the first decision! While everything you see in my kitchen was chosen and approved by Michael and me (oh, who am I kidding? It was me.),  Amy narrowed the field of choices and expertly led me to decisions at every turn. She always listened to what I thought and would offer her input when I asked, but would then say, “It’s your kitchen, you have to like it.”
  2. Our contractor, Brian Smith (a.k.a. contractor extraordinaire) and his team. Prompt, courteous, efficient, neat and most importantly, good! You can design the most beautiful kitchen in the world but if the people building it don’t know what they’re doing, you’re sunk. By the way, work began on September 9 and was finished October 12–the exact date Brian estimated it would be done!
  3. It was paid for by someone else! If it weren’t for Merillat, we wouldn’t have the kitchen at all. From the VP of marketing to the interns, everyone we’ve had contact with at Merillat has been amazing. In fact, when they found out we wanted to have a party to thank all of the people who helped us win, they offered to take that on as well. It’s not part of the prize we won, just something extra they’re doing for us (as if a $30,000 kitchen isn’t enough!).

Even at their best, kitchen remodels are chaotic, but once you get through that, the bliss of enjoying the beautiful new space is well worth it!

So here it is…the finished product…drum-roll, please…soundboard.com

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