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From “Hip” to “Hip-Replacement”

I’m only 42. And just barely, I might add. That’s not so old, right?

I had two experiences today that tell me different.

First, I was feeling left out from the current facebook profile picture craze of “change your profile picture to someone famous that people have said you look like.” No one has ever really told me I look like anyone famous. But I wanted to be part of the cool group and I remembered this site www.myheritage.com that lets you upload a photo and it finds celebrities who supposedly look like you.

I tried three different photos. Most of my results were men. Lovely. The celebrity who appeared on two of my three attempts? Larry King! Can someone please take me to the nearest cliff so I can jump off?

So, I laughed about that and moved on.

To the Grammys.

My husband and I are watching for the first time in several years. We keep asking “Who’s that?” I really kept thinking how ticked off I’d be if I were all dressed up for the Grammy’s and Pink was dripping on me! And he just asked, “Are they singing something?” during a Jamie Foxx performance with Slash. (Now, for the record, we do in fact know who Pink, Jamie Foxx and Slash are.)

Though, all is not lost on us.

We let our 11 and 9 year old sons stay up and we all really enjoyed the tribute to Michael Jackson and the Bon Jovi performance. (Seriously? Their first time to perform on the Grammys? )

I guess we’re somewhere on the road from “hip” to “hip-replacement.”