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Mother Nature is against me

Well, so much for the Blog Dare! I haven’t written a post for three days! It’s not that I didn’t want to, it’s just that it was an imp0ssibly busy week and there was no time to get everything done.

In my defense, blog posts weren’t the only things that didn’t get done this week. I didn’t do laundry, clean house, cook, take my son for his allergy shots or even remember to have my 1st grader do her homework. I’m sure if you asked my husband, he would be able to add several items to the list of things I did not do this week.

A big part of my life is spent volunteering–Daisy Girl Scout Leader, PTO Treasurer, Robotics Coach, Mom 2 Mom Sale Organizer, Classroom Volunteer, etc. I find volunteering to be very rewarding. I enjoy giving of my time to help others. But this particular week, it seemed that all of the facets of my life collided and demanded my time. Add to that the usual stuff that happens when you’re a family of six and you can see how life could spin out of control once in awhile.

Again, I’m sure if you asked my husband, he’d be able to detail how the volunteering causes life to spin out of control more often than once in awhile. But he has his own blog and if wants to complain about me, he can do it there.

Speaking of spinning…it appears that it’s possible that the devastating Chilean earthquake last week may have actually altered the rotation of the earth and shortened our days–by 1.26 microseconds.

C’mon, Mother Nature, I needed that microsecond!

Lessons I Learned While Coaching Robotics

My son and his partner watch their robot maneuver the field.

My son and his partner watch their robot maneuver the field.

I just wrapped up my second season as coach of our school’s FIRST Lego League Robotics team. I won’t go into details here about what this program is. If you’re interested, look here. I’ll just say it’s a phenomenal program that teaches children 9-14 about science, technology, engineering, public speaking, teamwork, research skills and more.

That’s not what this post is about. This post is about what it and the kids taught me. Continue reading