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First the chaos, then the bliss

When last I wrote about the kitchen, we had just picked out all of the design details with cameramen in tow. Some of that footage was made into a video montage of our trip. Shortly after that post, Merillat began a blog of their own called Merillat Round Table. They began posting about our kitchen and linking to my blog. Since they were a few weeks behind “real time,” on their blog, I didn’t want to get too far ahead and post spoilers so I have held off on more posts. (I should note that they didn’t ask me to, I just did it.)

We spent the days before emptying the cupboards and shifting the other rooms in the house around so we could set up a makeshift kitchen in the dining room. Of course, there was the obligatory trip to Costco for massive amounts of paper plates, bowls, plastic cups and utensils.

As the school bus pulled away with our three oldest children on board the morning of September 9, Brian Smith of Brian Smith Construction Company, LLC, and his crew pulled in to begin the demolition. 100_1221

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