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Stain or badge of honor: the choice is yours

Are you a parent? If you are then you have undoubtedly found unidentifiable smears, splotches and stains on your clothing. Often, it seems these blemishes don’t appear until you are about to walk into the boardroom for an important meeting or you’re walking out the door for a fancy evening out.

UGH! How embarrassing!

What will people think of you?

What kind of person walks around with stains on his or her clothes?

I’ll tell you what kind–

The kind who cuddle and hold their newborn baby to feed him a bottle and get spit up on afterwards.

The kind who patiently feed pureed carrots to their baby and catch it all when she sneezes with her mouth full.100_4696

The kind that hugs their little boy as the last thing they do before they leave for work even though he’s in the middle of eating pancakes with syrup on them.

The kind whose little girl stops finger painting long enough to run to them when they come in the door and they scoop her up and shower her with kisses before taking off their “good clothes.”

Sure it’d be nice to be able to do all those things and still have clean clothes, but it’s not gonna happen! So grab your Tide-to-Go and wear those badges of honor with pride!